iPhone July 2009 013I’m InsomniacMummy. Mum to ‘Big E’ & ‘Little E’ and wife to my long suffering husband ‘G’.

I’m a 30 something mum living in Yorkshire, currently on maternity leave and facing the challenges of being a second time mum with all the ups and downs it brings.

I’m an ‘experimental’ cook, love reading but currently have the concentration span of a potato, used to paint in a former life and randomly took up knitting when I was pregnant with Little E (I’m actually quite good!). I’m also far better than G at GuitarHero on both guitar and drums (much to his annoyance) and occasionally enjoy torturing the neighbours on SingStar.

I’m trying to lose the baby poundage via the magnificence of WeightWatchers online, although my motivation is sadly lacking and all I can think of is fooooooooood!

I’m a bossy boots, and Big E has shockingly inherited this trate. I’m just hoping the Little E is more placid. There isn’t enough room for 3 strong willed people in our house. Good thing G is a laid back kinda guy!

Above all, I’m a family girl and a loyal friend.


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