Posted by: Insomniac Mummy | August 4, 2009

Going nowhere……fast!

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re wading through treacle?

I’m going nowhere fast today. A thousand things need doing and I’m barely getting one done. I’ve found since becoming a mum that sometimes you have to let the little stuff slide just to function. Today I’ve barely managed to finish anything.

It all went downhill from the second G got out of bed. Big E heard him and decided that 6:30am was the ideal time for his first tantrum of the day. This then woke Little E, who wanted her bottle, which was not ready. So now I had two small people screamimg at me. Deep joy.

After calming Big E down and having a good old cry myself (it’s good for the soul don’t ya know?) I fed Little E and managed to persuade both the sleep thieves to have a nap. Thank the Lord! Early mornings and me are not easy bed fellows. I might not be a good sleeper, but I like to stay snuggled in bed and come round slowly. The horroresque screaming has left me in a real tizzy today.

The ironing is only half done. The kids are fed and watered but no washing up done. The living room resembles an assault course. I’m hoping the ‘just ransacked’ look is in this season.

I am redeemed by the fact that the day is only half gone. Surely I will be able to snatch some time back from my little sleep thieves?

Big E tells me I am his ‘bestest mummy’. My heart melts and nothing else matters.

Onwards and upwards……



  1. Mama, you sound like me! LOL Ahhhh, the life of a busy mom!

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. Yes, that ME TIME is very important – even if it is just 30 minutes each day to yourself. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

    Oh, and it is nice to meet you! Not sure if I have chatted with you before, but this is my first time visiting your site. LOVE the name! 🙂

    Have a great day, DAWN

  2. The fact that you’ve done half the ironing is a marathon achievement in itself! (I haven’t ironed for the last seven years I think.)

    I hope the day got better for you!

  3. I spent alot of time thinking about doing the rest of the ironing. Infact I’m still giving it some thought right now…..:D

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