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I’ve moved InsomniacMummy over to Blogger.

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Six people…..

…..that shape me into the person I am today.

  1. My Mum – I only spent 5 short years with my mum before she was taken by leukaemia. My memories of her become hazier as time passes. In those years we had together I knew I was loved and cherished. Life was carefree and love was unconditional.
  2. My Dad – There have been times in my life when I have wished my Dad would give me space. His constant worrying, checking up on me & staying up until I got in (at some very un-godly hours) would drive me round the bend. Now I am a mother I know that this worry was born out of unconditional love. When I was young and flighty I just couldn’t see beyond the end of my own nose. My Dad instilled in me my love of books and writing, someting I will be eternally grateful for.
  3. My Husband – G came into my life unexpectedly. I was on the verge of self destruction and then one day, suddenly, he was there. I’m not sure I believe in ‘love’ at first sight, but something certainly clicked in us both very early on and we just ‘knew’ our futures were the same. On the days when I’m bossy and tetchy and generally a horror to live with, he loves me without question. There is no-one on the planet who would out up with my mood swings and bossiness like he does! He sees the ‘me’ that no-one else sees and allows me to be just that, for which I am thankful.
  4. My Brothers – I have 2 brothers. Both are younger than I. In many ways we are all chalk and cheese, but in others we are too similar. It’s mainly our similarities that cause us to argue. We are all terribly stubborn!  They both know their own minds very well and have taught me that voicing your opinion is important. Sometimes you just need to be heard and individuality is something to be proud of.
  5. My Friend S – S and I were inseparable at university. We shared everything. A house, clothes, food, good times and the bad. She is the closest thing I have to a sister. She survived a serious illness with great dignity and grace and although she doesn’t realise it, she is a tower of strength. I can only aspire to be as level headed and strong as she.
  6. My Children – I have always worried how I was going to cope with being a mother after losing mine so long ago. I still have days where I am unsure of  simply how to be a mother. My children and I are learning from each other. They have taught me, once again, that the love between a mother and her children is unconditional.
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Wordless Wednesday – Play induced exhaustion!

Big E fell fast asleep on the floor under LIttle E's Play Gym! Play induced exhaustion methinks.

Big E fell fast asleep on the floor under Little E's Play gym! Play induced exhaustion methinks.

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Wordless Wednesday – Bookworm

iPhone July 2009 034

Big E getting lost in a book.

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Going nowhere……fast!

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re wading through treacle?

I’m going nowhere fast today. A thousand things need doing and I’m barely getting one done. I’ve found since becoming a mum that sometimes you have to let the little stuff slide just to function. Today I’ve barely managed to finish anything.

It all went downhill from the second G got out of bed. Big E heard him and decided that 6:30am was the ideal time for his first tantrum of the day. This then woke Little E, who wanted her bottle, which was not ready. So now I had two small people screamimg at me. Deep joy.

After calming Big E down and having a good old cry myself (it’s good for the soul don’t ya know?) I fed Little E and managed to persuade both the sleep thieves to have a nap. Thank the Lord! Early mornings and me are not easy bed fellows. I might not be a good sleeper, but I like to stay snuggled in bed and come round slowly. The horroresque screaming has left me in a real tizzy today.

The ironing is only half done. The kids are fed and watered but no washing up done. The living room resembles an assault course. I’m hoping the ‘just ransacked’ look is in this season.

I am redeemed by the fact that the day is only half gone. Surely I will be able to snatch some time back from my little sleep thieves?

Big E tells me I am his ‘bestest mummy’. My heart melts and nothing else matters.

Onwards and upwards……

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Does anyone know where my sleep went?

I’ve never been the best of sleepers………

Ten weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter ‘Little E’. As any parent of a newborn knows, sleep is a rare thing and the age old mantra ‘you sleep when they sleep’ is the only sensible way forward. Throw in a helping of ‘Big E’, my 2 ¾ year old son and sleep becomes a virtual impossibility.

Big E’s current favourite act of sleep thievery is to want to ‘cuddle mummy in mummy’s bed’ at 6:30am then proceed to tantrum for a full half hour (for reasons only known to him) every morning until he wakes Little E. Little E then wants her morning milk extra early and our whole routine is in tatters before the day has even really begun.  God love ’em!

I am also my own worst enemy. Instead of going to bed early and letting my long suffering husband G do Little E’s dreamfeed, I stay up ’til all hours of the night catching up on chores, reading, surfing the www & watching trash TV (current favourite guilty pleasure being Gossip Girl) and sometimes don’t even reacquaint myself with the duvet until after 2am, later even.

The sleep I get these days is of the ‘collapsed because I’m so exhausted’ kind.

24 hours just isn’t enough hours to fit everything in!  I need staff.

I really can’t complain though. My sleep thieves are the most precious things in the world to me and my long suffering husband G does more than his fair share. Who knows, in 18 years time I may actually get a date with the duvet all by myself. Until then, I’ll do my very best not to miss a thing.